Tauchmeister 1937

About Tauchmeister 1937

Tauchmeister 1937 is a German watch brand. Tauchmeister exists since 1937. It's a very well known brand name and loved by divers. Tauchmeister has cooperations with Lufthansa and is worn a lot by travelling enthusiasts.

Tauchmeister watches

Tauchmeister is mainly inspired by the diving industry. Every design is in a certain way connected to diving. The collections of Tauchmeister are split in four main streams, these are Diving, Square, World and XL Watches. There are new models released frequently, and these are placed into one of these streams.


Tauchmeister 1937 has Quartz, Automatic and Mechanic movements. The Automatic and Mechanic movements are very reasonable, but the quality is still at a level that you expect from Tauchmeister. A well maintained automatic movement of Aeromatic still runs after 40 hours! This is a quality that you can get nowhere else for this price!


Tauchmeister 1937 is a located at Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since 2009 they sell their products from Amsterdam to countries world wide. With their clear focus on customer service, Tauchmeister 1937 has evolved to one of Europe's largest internet shops, selling world wide!

In an era of rapidly changing technologies and frequent new product launches, Tauchmeister 1937 excels with an organic organisation with enthusiastic product specialists who want to know all ins and outs of every product.


Next to the premium product selection, stock management and customer service, Tauchmeister 1937 excels thanks to their premium partners. World's most reliable business partners are cooperating with Tauchmeister 1937:

  • Magento: World's leading shopping platform
  • Facebook: Customers leave genuine feedback
  • Visa, Mastercard, Paypal: Most widely accepted payment methods, often including buyer protection
  • FedEx: Insured shipments to all countries in the world. We have sold watches to customers in over 50 countries!

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